sappho (djsappho) wrote,

Much Ado About 2006

Looking back on this past year has been weird; it always is when you stick measurements to accomplishments.
How can I my life for the past 12 months? I wish I could just pick one word like "change," "thirty," or "mature." All those words sound so pedantic though.
A quick recap would be Carrie and I made it through another year of loving each other. We had our ups and downs: change of careers, lose of job, new home, death of Sammy (oh, original techno kitty, I love you!), addition of DRC (cutest dog eva!!!!!!!!). And there were lessons learned: roommates and Carrie and I are like Oil and Vinegar, it's easier to ask for help than to stress out about getting things done, how to listen.
This year I turned 30 and I really feel like I've done some growing up, it's been a long time since I've felt that way.
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